June 27-29, 2014

Beach Lodge at Culver Town Park, 819 E. Lake Shore Dr., Culver, IN, 46511

Parking and launching will be off the East end of the Beach in town.


June 27th
5:00pm-dusk - Demo Board sessions and BIC One Design Racing

June 28th
8:30am Registrations opens for Lake Max Challenge long races
10am – Welcome & Racer Instruction meeting
11:00am – First race start with subsequent races to follow & SUP Demos start

See Race Info Page for More Details!

What is SUP?

Stand Up Paddle Boarding or SUP is a relatively new paddling sport whereby the paddler stands up on a board similar to a surf board or a windsurfing board. The paddler and the board are propelled across the top of the water by the use of a long single-bladed paddle.
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